Get Started

Follow the steps below to run OWF in a local development environment.

Step 1: Download OWF

First, find and download the latest release of OWF.

Then, unzip the OWF bundle you just downloaded.

Step 2: Run OWF

Open the bundle and browse to the apache-tomcat-7.0.21/ directory.

To start OWF, run the or start.bat file.

iTrouble? Ensure you set the JAVA_HOME environment variable.

Step 3: Access OWF

In a supported browser, navigate to https://localhost:8443/owf.

Login using the default username "testAdmin1" and password "password".

To enable OWF for remote access, see Section 4 of the OWF Quick Start Guide.

For detailed instructions, including how to deploy to an existing webserver, see the OWF Configuration Guide.

What now?


Get support

Need help with OWF? Check out the Support page for links to the OZONE community mailing lists, where you can post a questions, chat with developers, and see the latest news.


See source

OWF is open source and hosted on GitHub. There you can browse the code and see what the latest developments are, and feel free to fork it!

Report issues

If you find a bug, you can report it as an issue via GitHub, as well as browse issues reported by other users. Don't forget to include the product version and any other relevant details.

Contribute patches

After you've forked one of our GitHub repos and made some changes, you can submit a pull request to have your change considered for incorporation by our developers.